Take Me Back

Take Me Back - Harry Smut Enjoy!

Harry’s POV:

I sat at the end of the table, watching them. They pecked each others lips before returning their focus on their plates of food. I watched as she took slow bites, she was always self-conscious when eating. I watched as their hands would brush when they both reached for another scoop of food, and I watched as they looked up and smiled at each other. I put my head down in pity, how could I lose her? I lifted my head back up and caught her staring, she immediately looked away from me. No one knows about our past, and she wants to keep it that way, however how am I supposed to deal with this? The love of my life that left me over a year ago, before the fame, before it all. She was fed up with my ways, I had cheated on her numerous times and I lied on a daily basis. I didn’t deserve her and I knew it, but deep down, I just wanted her back. 

If Louis knew about our past, they probably wouldn’t be dating. He would probably take our friendship into consideration, I hope. I started to pick at my food, trying to clear my thoughts. Niall was laughing loudly beside me while Liam told stories of his trips with Andy. Zayn was on his phone, probably texting Perrie while Louis and Amber chatted quietly amongst themselves. I dug my fork into my pasta, swirling the utensil around several times, before dropping it completely. I didn’t need to stay at this dinner and torture myself. I should’ve left when they walked in together. 

30 Minutes Ago:

"Where’s Lou?" Niall asked as he looked through menu.

"I don’t know, he said he was bringing his new girlfriend for us to meet, she’s probably taking long to get ready" I replied.

"Don’t they all take long?" Zayn agreed and we chuckled quietly as the restaurant door opened. Louis walked in first, his right hand behind him holding something. That’s when i saw her, her hair was darker than before, her eyes looked smokey against her eye makeup and she had gotten curvier, and she looked great. This was Louis’ new girlfriend? My ex- girlfriend? There are millions of people in the UK and he had to pick my ex? Then again, Louis doesn’t know of her and I, none of the lads do, actually. I gulped as they walked over to us.

"Hey guys, this is Amber"  Louis said as he walked up to us.

"Hi" the boys said but I kept quiet. I didn’t trust my voice to be as strong as I wanted it to be.

"Hi" Amber said as she looked at me. I don’t know why, but I looked up and stared right into her blue eyes. I almost let out a whimper as she held her hand out for me to shake it. She was really going to play this game? She was going to stand here and pretend that we weren’t in love for over 2 years, she was going to pretend that she didn’t even know me?

"Uh, Hi. I’m Harry" I said as I shook my thoughts and shook her hand. The second we touched, my body shuddered, her hands were softer than i remembered. She smiled at me and took a seat with Louis and the opposite side of the table. The feeling of her hands, bought dirty thoughts into my head. Of all the hand jobs she would give and how she would massage my back and that would lead to sex. 


I placed my napkin in my plate and slowly drank my water, thinking of an excuse to leave. I had no excuse really, besides the fact that I wanted to get the hell away from Amber. I downed the drink and cleared my throat, causing everyone to look at me.

"I need to go" I said as I stood up, my chair scraping against the hardwood floor.

"Where ya going Haz?" Niall asked, his mouth full of food.

"I gotta uh, go home" I said as I glanced around, Amber’s eyes met mine and she looked guilty. As if, she was the reason I was leaving, she was but I didn’t have to let anyone know that. 

"Get home safely" Louis said and I nodded at him, before meeting her gaze again. I ignored her looks and pushed my chair in, I dropped a $20 note on the table for the lads and before they could protest, I walked away.

I reached my car and leaned on the side as I sighed deeply. I never thought I would see her again, let alone with one of my best friends. I wonder if the lads noticed anything weird,  I didn’t talk to her the way the other lads talked to her and I hoped they didn’t noticed. I ran my fingers through my hair as I opened my car door and started it, heading on my way home. I needed to sleep and to get my mind off of Amber. It’s been 1 year and I shouldn’t still feel this way, from seeing her but then again, I hadnt seen her since the breakup. Maybe, I need to talk to her to finally get over her. 


I sat on my bed, my phone in my hand as I thought about texting her. I really hoped she hadn’t changed her number, but I also wished she did, then I wouldn’t have any way to contact her. I punched the numbers in the number area and started to type the text.

Amber, meet me at 1101 Jefferson Blvd. We need to talk - Haz’

I sent the text and immediately regretted it. Fuck, what if she was with Louis and he saw that? He might think that something is going on, plus tonight was supposed to be my first night meeting her, so things would be really suspicious. 

I tried to keep myself busy as I waited for a response, and eventually I thought I wouldn’t get one. I was about to go to bed when my doorbell rang. I hopped up and practically ran to the door, once I opened it, my heart jumped at the sight of her. She stood before me in a completely different outfit than earlier. She had on a revealing dress and really high heels, her hair was wild as If she had sex and her makeup was darker than before. She looked so sexy and if it weren’t for Louis, I would fuck her right here in this doorway. I stepped back, gesturing her to come in and she walked past me and looked around. I closed the door and admired her from behind until she turned around and caught me. We didn’t say anything for a few moments as we took in each others features, as if we were complete strangers.

"You got taller" she said lowly and I grinned slightly.

"You got shorter" I teased and that beautiful smile lit up the room.

"Sure, Hair Boy" she said as she stepped closer to me. I cringed at the name Hair Boy because it was her nickname for me. It bought back so many bittersweet memories and I couldn’t bare it.

"I’ve missed you" I whispered breathlessly as I stared down at her. She took another step closer until I could feel her breath on mine.

"I know" she whispered and her lips met mine softly. She brushed them across mine before deepening the kiss and grabbing my cheeks. I hooked my arm around her waist and she groaned as I meshed our bodies together forcefully.

"Fuck Haz, baby, I need you" she said against my lips as she kicked off her shoes, her height dropping, forcing me to bend to maintain our kiss. She stepped forward and pushed me against the couch. Her tiny frame straddled me and I instinctively cupped her ass, causing her to moan. She smiled at me as our lips met again, this time our tongues invaded each other’s mouths. I ran my fingers through her hair, getting a whiff of her familiar strawberry shampoo.  Her lips left mine and trailed down my cheek, to my jaw then my neck. I let out a groan as she bit down and licked the spot that was sure to leave a mark. She climbed off of me quickly and took off her dress, followed by her bra and underwear. The tent in my pants were visible as she smirked down at me gesturing towards it. I smiled as I pulled my shirt over my head, while she dropped to her knees to rid me of my pants and boxers. I couldn’t wait to be inside her again, the thought made me pull her into my lap.

"You’re soaking" I whispered as I ran my fingers over her heat, feeling the moisture around her lips. She moaned as I placed my hand under her arms and lifted her up. I adjusted myself and slowly slid her body back down, onto my length. We moaned in unison as she bounced once and began a slow grind against me.

"You’re so tight" I breathed against her chest before taking one of her breasts in my mouth. I tugged on it lightly, and she moaned. I remembered exactly everything she liked. She picked up the pace with her bouncing and I felt myself coming close.

"Fuck no" I moaned and she stopped bouncing.

"What?" she asked quizzically but I just gripped her hips and thrust upwards into her.

"I don’t. Want to. Cum yet." I said in between pants and she smiled and began to bounce faster. I moaned and groaned under her and she ran her nails down my torso. She remembered what I liked as well. I called out her name as I came inside of her, and she slowed her pace. She began to touch her clitoris while she still moved around and I eventually caught my breath and moved her off of me. I laid her back against the couch and positioned my face between her legs. She was always a fan of me performing cunnilingus for her to release. 

I licked around her mound a few times before teasing her entrance with a finger. Her fingers tangled in my hair as I sucked on her clitoris, my finger was now knuckle deep inside of her. I felt her clench around me and her grip tightened on my curls as she released. My name along with profanities was called out into the air, soon replaced by her pants and long breaths as she tried to recover.

I hovered over her and looked down at her. Her eyes were shut and her body was shaking, I smiled to myself, knowing that I did that to her. I didn’t say a word as I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I laid her down and crawled behind her, pulling the duvet over us.

No thoughts of Louis or the past invaded my mind as I held her body close. She hummed as I nuzzled my face against her neck like I used to. She wiggled a bit as I heard her breathing become steady and her body becoming limp in my grasp.

"Take me back, Amber" I whispered, unaware if she heard me or not.

Hi! I reallllllllly want to turn this into a fanfic, or at least a part 2 involving Louis. But i want your feedback first! So tell me what you think PLEASE! and I’ll consider any ideas that are sent to me.

Thank you- Brielle xo

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